My Hedonistic Dream

Back in the day, when I was a young woman majoring in philosophy, I used to joke about starting my own pagan love cult. I don’t think I’ll ever really  walk that path; what I lack is the quintessential ability to shovel on a thick, rich layer of bullshit and act like I believe it. I’m honest to myself and to others and thus I’ll probably never amass a huge following. But fortunately that’s not my goal.

My goal is much more precise: to collar 2-6 devoted and high-quality slaves who will be around for a lifetime. And I have a good idea of what that ‘lifetime’ looks like, and the ability to make it happen.

If you were a child of the 60’s (and maybe anytime after that) you might have, at some time, entertained thoughts of communal living. And if your ideas of communal living ever meandered in the direction of a situation ruled by one woman who strode around the place in leather boots with a whip on her hip, seeing that everything ran smoothly and meting out discipline when it did not, then you’re beginning to get the picture. Add in warm tropical breezes and a Caribbean/Key West ‘salt life’ vibe and you’re there.

I’m really not the kind of domme you have a one-off session with. I’m the domme you hand your heart, mind, body and soul to. I have a place in my extraordinary life and family for a few very lucky slaves. If you think you’re qualified to be one of them you can check out the positions I currently have open here.