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I <3 Subguys

So many dommes seem to hate submissive men. They talk about how they would never date a sub guy, subs are all losers, blah blah blah. Not me – I freaking LOVE submissive men. I’d rather date a sexually submissive male than a vanilla guy any time, in fact I’m pretty much not interested in dating vanilla guys at all. They BORE me!

I mean, I’m not exactly interested in plain old fucking most of the time anyway, right? So what use do I have for a regular man, who’s most likely going to be displaying all kinds of dumbass male behaviors and possibly even trying to “wear the pants” in the relationship? I am a DOMINANT, period, and I insist on being dominant in my personal relationships. I always have and that was true long before I ever picked up a flogger or put on a leather corset.

Femdom Life My Philosophy  subguys lifestyle humiliation findom femdom enslavement Domme style D/s

Submissive males are much more interesting & fun to play with. They make so much better toys; you can do aaallllll kinds of deliciously, deviantly, torturously delightful things to, uh, I mean with them. Like tearing their cute little egos to shreds with my wickedly humiliating words, raping them with my strap-on, whipping and beating them just for the fun of it…you get the picture. ;D

Now of course I COULD date vanilla guys and use my feminine wiles to ensnare them, addict them, manipulate them and massage their wallets open. I am essentially the vanilla male’s dream woman, it would be like luring flies with honey. But enduring the process of pretending to enjoy the entire vanilla courtship process is just so unpleasantly tedious to me, and the deception involved goes against my nature. I’m not at all opposed to men opening their wallets to express their appreciation for a woman, mind you. I just think it should be a situation that brings honest pleasure and satisfaction to both parties. And for me that would definitely be in a situation where I was dating a sexually submissive male, because that’s what honestly turns me on.

But I do have to clarify one last thing: notice that I say sexually submissive men. Because I know that some of y’all who are submissive in the bedroom are pretty Alpha Male outside of it, running your own companies or having other very aggressive, competitive positions and suchlike.  And that’s part of the fun: making a strong man kneel before me, offer himself as my tool or plaything and the fruits of his labors as my tribute. Becoming the Queen that rules him, the Sun Goddess at the center of his orbit.

Shy nerdy submissive guys have their appeal. And alpha males who need to bow to a strong Queen have their appeal. Every submissive man is different, and they’re all so much more interesting to me than vanilla men. So yeah; I’m not the domme who’ll say “I would never date a submissive man”. I’ll pretty much ONLY date subguys; that’s just how I like it.