Your Worn Panty Queen

I Get Off On Selling My Dirty Knickers

I think it's completely fitting to have you fork over cash for my "trash". And I have a bit of a smell fetish myself so I really get why my deliciously fragrant panties & hosiery make you so aroused. It's actually quite a turn-on for me too, doing this sort of scent-sual humiliation. It's the very best way for folks who can't be with me physically to taste that intimacy with me.


My worn items are shipped priority mail so they arrive fast & fresh. Prices in the US include shipping; add $15 for international shipping.

All my worn items are vacuum-sealed for freshness using my special scent-preserving technique. I want you to have the fullest experience of what it's like to be close to my Goddess body, so there's never an extra charge for this!

All my panties are worn for at least 24 hours. Socks & other hosiery are worn for at least 8 hours. The truth is I have a bit of a smell fetish myself; that's one reason I get off on selling my dirty discards to you. I wear things until I'm pleased with the fragrance that has developed. I masturbate every day so you can assume they'll be "played" in. Want the horny details? Call me on Niteflirt or iWantPhone, or message me with SextPanther, to hear what naughtiness I've been up to!  ;D Do not pester me for sexy chat details without paying for my time; this will get your request ignored.

Extra-old, worn, stained panties ('period panties') or extended wear are available for an extra fee. Contact me to inquire.
You may request creampie panties or panties used as toilet paper. Add $25 for each of these options. Autographed prints & fansign photos of me in the item may also be added to your order for $25 each. For the ultimate experience, indulge in a custom clip with me wearing your purchase - prices start at $75, order via iWantClips or ManyVids

My current worn item prices are as follows:

  • Goddess's Choice Panties - $50 - A single pair of thong or fullback panties of my choice.
  • Your Choice Special - $100 - one pair of thong or fullback panties; you get to choose the exact pair I wear. (Substitutions may be required if the pair you fancy has already been sold.)
  • Bras - $69 each for my worn bras. Bras are sold as individual items only;  what you see here are what's available for purchase. Note - I live in Florida, so I SWEAT A LOT. You may request no deodorant at no extra charge.
  • Pantyhose and Stockings - $30 each for my worn holey nylons, available  in nude/sheer or black. I sometimes offer my worn fishnets & specialty hose;  watch for them here!
  • Socks - $30 each for gym or everyday socks. I occasionally sell my special favorite socks such as thigh-highs and fancy trouser socks; watch for them here!
  • Boots & Shoes - I occasionally offer my worn boots, used high heels, smelly sneakers and dirty old sandals & flip flops for sale. They're priced individually ranging from $65 and up; what you see listed here are what I currently have available.
  • Other Items - Contact Me to inquire about purchasing hair clippings, vials of spit, and other personal fetish items

All prices include premium packaging & priority mail shipping in the US. (Add $15 for international shipping of clothing items, $20 for international shipping boots/shoes)

In-Person Panty Delivery

One of my favorite games to play involves turning you into my scent-addicted panty slave.

I realize the potent sensual power of smell; and I know you just can't get enough of my uniquely sweet fragrance. I love using that weakness to manipulate you and wrap you around my little finger.

What I love to do with true panty-addicts is set up meetings in some bar or café. You bring me flowers, and tucked into the bouquet there's an envelope stuffed full of cash. Sometimes there's a little box from my favorite jeweler or some other small trinket as well. I'll smile and greet you then we sit and chat for a few minutes, me subtly (or not-so-subtly) teasing, embarrassing & humiliating you, enjoying your response as you grow more and more anxious and aroused with every passing second. Perhaps I even press my high-heeled foot against the swelling in your crotch.

Finally I rise and leave to go to the ladies room. When I come back I'm carrying a small brown paper bag and in it is a little scrap of lacy frivolous fabric, warm and fragrant, fresh from my body. I  pass it to you over the table and we chat for a few more minutes. You're desperately torn - you don't want to leave my Queenly presence, but you can't wait to bury your face in the contents of that little paper bag either.   It's like a drug and you know it will be taking you to heaven over and over again for hours, days even if you milk it and make that precious fragrance last…


Can't Meet Me In Person? Order My Worn Panties Here