Why is it so hard to find a Mistress?

Good evening Miss,
I am feeling weak and aching to serve.
{some random subguy}
I get letters like this All. The. Time.
This guy probably actually thinks he’s being polite, respectful and “humble”.
But what does his message actually translate to? What, actually, is service? SERVICE, genuine service, is something offered without strings to benefit the person to whom it’s being given.
Is that what this guy is talking about?
I think not.
If he paid enough attention to find my email address then he surely knows that I like, want, indeed demand gifts & tributes from my submissives. That I don’t do “freebies” and I’m definitely not in the habit of sitting around entertaining random horny males on the internet for nothing. If he had actually wanted to SERVE me he would have sent a tribute or gift of some sort, or applied for one of the positions listed on my ‘slave openings’ page.
Instead he approached me offering nothing but his own desire.
No, as any domme with a modicum of experience can tell you this kind of message roughly translates as “I’m horny right now and right this minute I find you attractive. Come satisfy my kinky uges with a play session NOW.”
Merely slapping a metaphorical “please” on it doesn’t make it any less of an obnoxiously egocentric demand reeking of male entitlement. And then these guys wonder why we treat them as walking wallets (when they continually treat us as on-demand fetish fulfillment devices) and complain that it’s so hard to find a Mistress to “serve”.
Maybe try offering some actual SERVICE once in a while and see if it serves you any better, eh?