You know what makes me happy?


You handing over your hard-earned money gives me the power to do whatever I want with it. To live a life pursuing whatever dreams or indulging in whatever luxuries I please. That makes me very happy indeed.

And you really want to make me happy, don’t you?

I’ve given you so many ways to do it.  You can give me money and get something for yourself too, by buying my femdom videos & other pervy creations. You can even secure my personal attention in paid sessions with me via phone, text, and in person.

But the more selfless among you, those truly submissive souls who understand the meaning of service – you know that handing over the cash you’ve worked to earn is the ultimate in submission. Because you understand that you’re giving me the fruits of every day’s labor and asking for nothing in return. You feel how you are lifting me higher and higher, and making your own life more and more slavish, with every little sacrifice.

You know your money does so much more good in my hands than it would ever do in yours. Even if all I spend it on is the most frivolous luxuries it still makes me that much more superior to you.

This page exists to give YOU plenty of ways to spend your money on me. Don’t hesitate. You know you want to make me happy. Start small if you must, but start NOW. And $pend.

Love letters, poetry, and cards stuffed with cash may be sent to me at:
Opal, PO Box 40094 St. Petersburg FL 33743

You may also send e-gift cards to me at Opal(at)

For those of you who long for the opportunity to give gifts other than cash here are my wish-lists:

Goddess loves flowers!