Slave basics – build an altar to your Goddess

As my supplicant your first task will be to build an altar to your Goddess.

This altar may be physical or digital and it can be as elaborate as you like, adorned with your favorite images of me and housing those treasured objects (panties, cigarette butts, etc) you may have collected. I encourage you to use your imagination, take time and care on this effort. This is an altar to express your worshipful devotion to your Goddess and it should reflect that. A shoddy, thrown-together effort is not acceptable. This is an ALTAR; it should inspire worship not be a piece of thrown together schlock!

Look at the cathedrals, mosques and temples men have built to honor their gods and goddesses throughout history. THAT is the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail I’m looking for here! Submit photos (or screencaps) of your altar to me and I will publish those that please me best to my inspirational gallery below.  *benevolentsmile*

One very important element your altar should contain is a record of any other tasks or assignments you’re supposed to be working on for me. During your daily time of worshipful reflection you can take a minute to review these instructions so that you keep them fresh in your mind.

You are to spend ten minutes every day kneeling in worshipful reflection at your altar. Reflect on the excitement, joy, and fulfillment that knowing me has brought to your life. Reflect on how my guidance has led you to become a better person. And most importantly, you are to contemplate how you may serve me and make MY life better. What can you be doing to help me, to please me?

Then go forth and do it.  🙂


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