Up to No Good ;)

Hoo boy, have I been a busy Goddess lately! I’ve recently launched some exciting new projects. I also have several events coming up where I’m looking forward to meeting with my fans, followers & fellow adult industry professionals. 2 Cons & a Class I’ll be at 2 upcoming conventions in the Tampa Bay area: the […]

Sensation Play with Silk & Satin

You’re probably familiar with the archetypal image of the leather Domme. I do love dressing up in leather sometimes, and I’m definitely a sadist, but I call myself instead a SILK DOMME. What is a silk domme? It’s a Lady whose aesthetic is more attuned to the sumptuous luxury of the upper crust than the […]

Camgirl Radio Party!

Tomorrow night, ¬†May 26th, at 8pm EST I’ll be joining my friend Two Thorned Rose and several other sexy ladies for several other sexy ladies. for and evening of fun with the peeps¬†from the Slings Flings & Dingalings radio show, a smutty broadcast based right here in Tampa Bay. There’s some interesting party games planned […]