‘Foot Fetish’ vs ‘Foot Domination’ – what’s the difference?

To the uninitiated ‘foot fetish’ and ‘foot domination‘ might seem to be interchangeable. But they’re really not the same thing at all. They’re both examples of an intense erotic attraction to feet. But one sort of fetish relates to the foot as a simple body part or erogenous zone, akin to the breasts or ass. […]

Why is it so much fun to crush things underfoot?

The physical pleasure of crush fetish You may have noticed I’m into trampling & crushing things beneath my mighty bbw feet. I started making crush fetish videos a few years ago and I’ve crushed stuff ranging from fragile raw eggs to some guy’s 40 year old commemorative Pepsi can. Crushing that vintage aluminum can was […]

The Beauty of BBW Feet

I’ve spent a fair amount of time contemplating the question  of what makes BBW feet so awesome. Perfectly natural since I’m a plus-size Goddess who’s into foot fetishes, Right? Today I’d like to share my thoughts with you about what makes bbw feet (especially mine, lol!) wonderful. BBW feet are extra pretty My foot fetish interest […]