Where the porn gets made

I’ve been absent online for the past week or so because I’ve been super busy working on something big. Really big. Seriously, I cannot emphasize enough how big this is for me. I’ve been hard at work building myself a new femdom porn studio! My struggle & an executive decision For the past few years […]

Sensation Play with Silk & Satin

You’re probably familiar with the archetypal image of the leather Domme. I do love dressing up in leather sometimes, and I’m definitely a sadist, but I call myself instead a SILK DOMME. What is a silk domme? It’s a Lady whose aesthetic is more attuned to the sumptuous luxury of the upper crust than the […]

Help your Goddess WIN!

I’ve got a special announcement for you today – for the first time I’ve decided to participate in one of Clips4Sale’s contests! And I need your help to win. Contest rules are simple (and awesome!) – Clips4Sale is handing out cash bonuses to every producer who participates, based on the total dollar amount of clip […]

Captain Opal, Interstellar Sex Goddess

I’m thrilled to finally be able to introduce a project that’s been in my heart & on my mind for years: I’ve recently recorded the first three chapters of The Erotic Adventures of Captain Opal. Captain Opal looks like a beautiful woman but don’t be fooled by her gorgeous voluptuousness – she’s not human.  She’s a […]

Evil Opal now on iWantClips

I’ve been super busy lately, and one of the things I’ve been up to is joining a new (for me) clipsite: iWantClips. I’ve been hearing great things about working with these folks from other Dommes & camgirls, and they ranked #1 in Sexposé’s 2016 clip store derby. There’s a lot of things I love about the […]

Hard Limits & SSC in Financial Domination

A lot of guys write to me asking if I’d be willing to completely ruin them financially. Now I realize that probably 99.99% of males who make that inquiry are seeking a wank-fodder response, and I don’t waste my time answering those letters. If you want me to discuss your fetish fantasies then you should approach me with an […]