Be My Video Slave

Have you ever wanted to be in porn? To play the submissive in one of my femdom fetish videos your age*, weight, gender etc does not matter but you must be respectful and reliable. I want subs who are enthusiastic & vocal in their responses and who are eager to try new things and push […]

BBW Love Addiction

Feedback is already starting to come in for the special project I did this year in honor of Valentine’s Day. And what are they saying? Here’s one comment: “I just bought and watched Your video…it’s one of the most intense and powerful things I’ve ever seen…” It’s a deeply erotic, compellingly hypnotic mental programming video. […]

Be My Promo Bitch

I’m always getting messages from men who ask to be my promotional or retweet slave. My answer to this is: PROMOTE ME then! You don’t need my permission (or my attention) to retweet,  reblog, like & share everything I post on my social  media accounts. However I guarantee that if you DO start boosting my […]

Understanding Your Submissive Self

Your first job as a sub is to UNDERSTAND YOURSELF. This is perhaps the #1 mistake submissives make when entering the world of kink. If you don’t understand yourself, your own needs & desires and what you bring to the table, then you will inevitably be disappointed. Not only that but you will inevitably disappoint […]

Sext with Me @ SextPanther

Today I’m delighted to announce that I’ve joined the SextPanther network! SextPanther is way cool; it allows you to text my phone directly, and me to answer you back, while maintaining total privacy & discretion – neither of our real phone numbers are shown. It makes it super easy for you to text with me […]

Captain Opal, Interstellar Sex Goddess

I’m thrilled to finally be able to introduce a project that’s been in my heart & on my mind for years: I’ve recently recorded the first three chapters of The Erotic Adventures of Captain Opal. Captain Opal looks like a beautiful woman but don’t be fooled by her gorgeous voluptuousness – she’s not human.  She’s a […]

How to make Mistress say “Good Sissy!”

I love to wake up and see shit like this in my inbox. Somebody just can’t get enough of me. He went to one of my clipstores and bought a big pile of clips, then went and put in a second large order in another. And that’s a name I vaguely remember having seen before too; […]