Best BBW Femdom Porn

Once again I am in the top five of the Clips4Sale ranking of the top 50 studios in the BBW Female Domination category. Even though I’ve barely posted anything in the past two months. (I’m working on that consistency thing guys, I swear. One of my personal challenges.) Because yeah, I am that addictive. And my clips […]

Packages Packages Packages

I’m clearing out my cellphone gallery & trying to keep my new year’s resolution, so here’s a random collection of pics of packages I’ve received. I don’t always forget to take pics but I rarely have time to post them. I’m too fussy about doing things like adding a logo/watermark. (Bear in mind my disability […]

How to make Mistress say “Good Sissy!”

I love to wake up and see shit like this in my inbox. Somebody just can’t get enough of me. He went to one of my clipstores and bought a big pile of clips, then went and put in a second large order in another. And that’s a name I vaguely remember having seen before too; […]