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Setting Up a Slave Training Program

As a Mistress and slave owner I always have goals for my servants. These goals will change over time. They are also tailored to the individual slave.  But I have a pretty methodical way of selecting my goals, prioritizing them, and breaking them down into manageable steps to create a slave training program. I believe this is important to get the best results from my efforts in training a slave.

BDSM slave training defined

In this context, slave training includes everything I as the Mistress wish my slave to learn in order to make him the best possible tool for me. A slave training program with me might be created & documented in several different ways, but they all share certain basics. My training programs are always part of a negotiated agreement. And they are always documented so that the slave-in-training can go back and refer to my instructions.

That last bit is important to me because I hate having to repeat myself over and over. If I’ve gone to the trouble of thinking through the job & putting my instructions in writing, even if that’s only in a quick email or text message, then I think you can go to the trouble of referring back to those instructions as needed. When a slave-prospect continually asks for my instructions to be repeated I tend to conclude he’s more interested in having my attention than in being useful to me.


BDSM Education Femdom Life My Philosophy My Protocols Realtime Play  slavery slave training service real goals financial domination enslavement D/s contracts bdsm


Assess his capabilities

But back to how I set up a slave training program: the first thing I do is to take an assessment of a potential slave’s current capabilities. I want to know all the skills and resources he has that might possibly be useful, even if I never choose to utilize those resources. I’ll make a list of ways he can be useful that includes everything from his ability to do household chores & yard work to his professional skills to how much of a financial contribution he can afford to make.

I might collect this information on a slave application. I might also collect it from conversation with the prospective slave. But I generally keep written notes on each submissive so that I too can easily refer back and refresh my memory. Modeling the behaviors I want my slaves to learn is also part of being a good leader!

Assess My desires

Two or three times a year I do inventories of my own needs & desires as well. That way I have a very clear idea of how a slave can actually be useful to me. A submissive might have lots of expertise, but that expertise may not be useful to me. When I’ve collected my information about a new slave prospect I can then match up his skills with my desires, see where he might be immediately useful, and see where he might learn to be useful in the future.

These assessments help me decide whether to accept a slave applicant for training at all. They also guide me in deciding what tasks and educational/training activities I will assign to him. As I said before I’ll always give written instructions, whether by text, email, or some other method. The act of thinking the task through then writing down exactly what I want & precisely how I want it done helps me to break things down into manageable steps. People in general deliver better results when they have clear instructions on how to do a thing. Submissive males certainly do!

Put it in writing

My written instructions on these tasks might stand alone, or they might form the basis for a negotiated slave contract. I like writing a full slave training contract because it allows me to go beyond the task at hand, creating a whole program of assignments and chores which complement each other to get the results I want from a sub. But many submissives aren’t ready or able to commit to a bdsm slave contract. With my method for setting up a slave training program I can guide him, mold him & make progress toward my goals anyway.


BDSM Education Femdom Life My Philosophy My Protocols Realtime Play  slavery slave training service real goals financial domination enslavement D/s contracts bdsm


Hey you. Yes, you. You could use some erotic slave training couldn’t you? Contact me now and start taking steps to make your fantasy a reality!




  1. I am a married bi Bdsm slave who wants to be an 8:00-5:00 slave.I would love to be apart of a dominate training group.New Dominate masters could lesrn how to handle a slave by themselves or with a experienced Master.
    I have good experience,Obediant loyal and Discreate.If you know of anybody setting up a master training g school and need a slave jet me know please.
    I would also like to be someone’s 8-5 slave and would love a contract collar and carry thier brand on my ass.

    1. If you’re serious about this you need to take your search to someplace more appropriate slave. Try Fetlife or some other kinky social site.

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