International Queen of Sensual Kink


International Queen of Sensual Kink

What to expect as My submissive

Getting To Know Each Other

The beginning stages of our relationship will always be conducted online. As a busy Mistress & businesswoman that’s what works for me to get to know new people.

You’ll likely have purchased many of my clips and photosets; you might even have done some purchased tasks or lessons before you decided to take the plunge and submit your application to become my slave. Once you’re ready to take that step you must pay the required fee to receive my contract & application package. Your purchase of this package  is a reading fee only and does not guarantee you a position in my stable.

The application package for each position will explain my expectations more fully. When you submit your application you will be permitted to negotiate adjustments to your contract within certain boundaries. These parameters will be explained in detail in each application package.

When I’ve received your application I’ll review it carefully. If I feel that I might enjoy indulging my hedonistic perversions with you I will contact you to schedule a first chat or phone date.

How things proceed after that will depend on our mutual fetish interests, how things go during this ‘first date’, and the nature of the connection between us.

Under Consideration

When you start out with me you start at zero, nothing, the ground below the bottom rung of the ladder.

By submitting your application you are begging for the chance to show that you are worthy of even being considered as my submissive. You are not yet ‘under consideration’. If you succeed in obeying my orders and instructions and successfully pleasing my discriminating tastes for a few weeks THEN you will be formally ‘under consideration’ for earning my collar.

If you’re under consideration for an in-the-flesh position this would be the point at which we would arrange our first meeting out in the brick and mortar world. My schedule at present allows for meetings several times a month.

In Training

After a few months of successfully living up to my high expectations in the ‘Under Consideration’ stage I consider you to be ‘In Training’. At this point you’d be trusted with my inner-circle contact information, giving you the ability to stay in touch with me 24/7. You would also, at this stage, receive your first collar: chosen as a personal gift from me to you.  *smiles*

This will be an unmistakably bdsm style collar, to be worn only during play. Unless I take a fancy to torture(reward?) you by making you wear it out in public somewhere. 😉


As an old-school bdsm Mistress I take slave ownership very seriously. I consider it a responsibility and a commitment, not something to be entered into lightly. You’ll spend months, possibly years, ‘In Training’ with me before being offered a collar of ownership, which would come in the form of a suitable item of jewelry that you can wear 24/7. If it’s appropriate to our relationship the occasion may even be marked by a ritual ceremony.

Because I take ownership so seriously I commit a great deal of time and attention to my owned slaves. Therefore I’m only interested in those who are able to make a serious contribution to my life and my happiness in return. If you are barely able to meet your own living expenses or feel yourself unable to meet the fundamental demands of obedience and loyalty then you are unsuitable for a position as my 24/7 owned slave.

Luckily for you there are other ways serve me. I’ll occasionally announce opportunities that are more limited in scope: individual tasks or challenges, or specific service positions.

Find out about all my current slave openings here.