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Silk Scarf Fetish Play

Silk scarves are great for fetish play

What makes silk scarves so superb to use for bdsm & fetish play? For one thing, they add such an incredible element of sensuality to a scene. The very word sensuality suggests using the senses and adding a silk scarf enhances every sensory aspect of kinky play. Being a sensual sadist is part of what makes me the Original Silk Domme!

Silk scarves definitely add to the visual aspect; they’re just plain pretty. They come in a dizzying array of beautiful colors. The fabric itself has a subtle shine, a sumptuous sheen that screams “luxury”. Then there’s the fabulous range of the prints, often the work of renowned artists. Seeing a slave all trussed up in bright pretty silks is a delightful thing to me. A love of opulence & luxury is another characteristic of being a ‘silk domme’ to me.

Silk scarves also add enormously to the tactile pleasures of a scene. A silk scarf folded over the mouth & nose can restrict the breathing just enough to thrill. Over the eyes it will force the slave to focus his attention on whatever tortures his Goddess is inflicting on him. Stroking the skin with a silk scarf is heavenly. And the feeling of being tightly bound in oh so soft silk is, I am told, sublime.

Silk scarves can even add to the smell, which is such a powerful (and often overlooked) element of a good scene. Worn against the skin, the fabric absorbs the fragrance of my perfume and the natural scents of my body. Then it transmits those scents to my slave continuously, every minute he’s tangled up in my silks.


Femdom Life Realtime Play Silk Domme  silk fetish silk bondage silk sensual domination sensation play my fetish luxury how to fetishes Domme style bondage bdsm


Silk scarves are practical too

Silk scarves are readily available. One doesn’t have to go looking for a specialized fetish shop to find them; they can be found in most department stores and boutiques. They can be extremely affordable too. As of this writing faux silk scarves can be had for a few dollars each and genuine silk for $20 and up, which is significantly less than comparable leather or latex. If you have the means however a luxury designer silk scarf makes a fabulous gift for a Goddess!

Because they are such common fashion items nobody wonders if you’re traveling with an assortment of scarves. Any nosy family member or airport security agent who gets into my things wouldn’t see anything untoward in my collection of scarves. I can leave them hanging in plain sight without a second thought. Simply by wearing a scarf I can have my bondage gear displayed on my person without ever raising any eyebrows. Of course for those in the know seeing a woman wearing a silk scarf takes on a whole new meaning. I bet you’ll never look at a scarf the same way again! *wickedgrin*

When it comes to storage silk scarves take up so much less space than other types of bondage gear. I can have a “dungeon” in a drawer. Which again is great for anyone who loves to travel! And silk scarves can be simply hand washed in Woolite or baby shampoo which makes them very much easier to care for than most leather, rope, or metal gear.


How to use silk scarves in bdsm

Silk fabric has more of a tendency to stretch than rope. So I’ve found that if I want really restrictive bondage it’s best to combine silk with other materials. I will often use locking wrist & ankle shackles, then use my silks to tie the shackles together.  Alternatively I might use my scarves in more of a swaddling or cocooning fashion. I like to use entire silk saris to mummify my bondage loving subs to give them a completely unique experience.

There’s a technique I learned from “Bond Dave” (of Bond Dave’s Silk Ladies) way back when I first started exploring silk scarf bondage. It involves tying the ends of a sari or large scarf around the wrists, then wrapping the fabric around the hands as you pull it back up between the arms. Once the basic hand mitt is made you can then use the rest of the length of the scarf/sari to wrap around the arms, effectively binding them together. (I may eventually do a video demonstrating this technique to explain it better.) This method works for the ankles & legs too, and the result is very comparable to the restrictiveness of a leather arm or leg binder. And then of course I can use more scarves or saris to continue wrapping my slave-worm up in a silken cocoon.

There’s already loads of resources on how to tie different knots so I won’t go into that here except to say that I’ve never needed to use anything but a square knot, or a granny knot if I want to make a pretty decorative bow. I do keep the obligatory set of bandage scissors nearby for safety as well. I’d hate to ruin one of my lovely scarves but I’d hate even more to seriously injure someone!
Femdom Life Realtime Play Silk Domme  silk fetish silk bondage silk sensual domination sensation play my fetish luxury how to fetishes Domme style bondage bdsm


The problem of length

The biggest issue that really needs to be taken into account when doing silk scarf bondage is length. Even a six yard sari (which is standard) is shorter than lengths of rope available by the foot from any hardware store. I know of two approaches to address this problem: you can either piece your scarves together to get the desired effect or braid them together into a sort of rope. I generally use the first method both because I find it to be prettier and more sensually satisfying and also because my scarf collection is not that huge yet, lol! Braiding them into a rope of any length takes a lot of scarves.

When I say ‘piece them together’ I mean to use different scarves for each body part, so eg one scarf for one wrist and a second for the other, even if you’re tying them together. You can also use common techniques such as looping the scarf around the wrist rather than having the knot at the wrist to make it look prettier and reduce the risk of nerve compression. Which is another thing I probably need to make a video for since I don’t know the names for any of those techniques. If they even have names.  :p

Scarf shape makes a big difference for bondage purposes. For most ties a long rectangular scarf is ideal. I love Indian style dupattas for this. Square shaped scarves are better for gags and blindfolds because you can get fold them to get extra thickness in the center.

I’ve found very few resources for actually doing silk scarf fetish play. This website has some useful information. If you know of any others please mention it in the comments; I’d love to hear about them. But videos of silk scarf bondage are pretty easy to find on the tube sites. And of course you can always perv on my silk fetish videos. I am the Original Silk Domme!  ;D


  1. Good Evening!!
    I am so glad to find so much validation for a fetish I have had since I was a little boy. Whether it’s worn by my partner or used for other pleasures, a silk scarf is a powerful sexual trigger. I wish to re-visit here again… why is it so difficult to find another soul into silk scarf bondage??

    1. J’en suis fan depuis petit des foulard et ensuite du bondage avec les foulard et très dur de trouver des partenaire malheureusement

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