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Silk fetish scarf care & storage

Compared to latex, leather, or even rope silk scarves are very easy care fetish gear. They do need to be washed often; when used in bdsm play silk fetish scarves tend to be worn in places (and used in ways) that get them quite dirty. And for goodness sake if you have pretty silk scarves you certainly should use them! Objects which are so beautiful & sensually delightful deserve to be experienced.


BDSM Education Femdom Life Random Fun Realtime Play Silk Domme  travel silk fetish silk bondage silk sex toys satin my fetish luxury kinky travel fetishes class bdsm gear bdsm


Washing & drying silk fetish scarves

Silk scarves should be washed by hand in lukewarm water using baby shampoo, Woolite, or other detergent formulated for delicate fabrics. They can be put in the washing machine on delicate. But odds are pretty high of the fabric getting snagged so I wouldn’t recommend it. If you decide to go that route a mesh lingerie bag will help minimize the risk of damage to your beautiful silk fetish scarves.

Swishing the scarf around in the soapy water for a few seconds should be enough to clean it. Then make sure you thoroughly rinse the scarf out in cool water. Next you can hang the scarf to dry in a well-ventilated area. Or you can roll it up in a towel to gently press excess water out of it. Don’t wring-dry your delicate silk scarves! When the scarf is dry (or nearly dry) finish by ironing right up to the rolled edge of the scarf (aka the roulette).

Storing scarves

High quality designer scarves can be stored folded in their original boxes, but why waste such beauty? Scarf display frames can be found or made to showcase them like any other artwork. Special scarf hangers are handy for keeping scarves organized & accessible, which helps if you like to actually wear them. (Or use them in the dungeon…) Larger scarves and saris can also be folded & stored on pants hangers. Stored on hangers like this scarves also make a lovely display in the closet or dressing room.


BDSM Education Femdom Life Random Fun Realtime Play Silk Domme  travel silk fetish silk bondage silk sex toys satin my fetish luxury kinky travel fetishes class bdsm gear bdsm


Traveling with silk fetish scarves

Silk scarves are so lightweight and compact that they’re just about ideal for travel, both as fashion accessories and as bdsm gear. They take up very little space but it’s still good to keep them together. This will help you find the scarf you want when you want it, and also protect them from getting snagged on other things in your luggage.

You can keep a collection of scarves in a smaller bag, like a lingerie bag, inside your suitcase. Longer scarves can be laid out together and tied together in a simple thumb knot. For shorter scarves you can either choose one and tie it around the rest of the bunch, or gather them all into a bundle with the sturdiest (or cheapest) scarf on the outside tied into a bag.

Final thoughts: kinky scarf play

For many people seeing whips, ropes, or chains hung on the dungeon wall is a huge turn-on. Just imagine what racks full of scarves would look like! An opulent den of iniquity, waiting to lure you into the realm of perverse pleasures. For a silk fetishist like me this would be heaven.

As pretty (and sometimes valuable!) as they are you may be reluctant to ever do anything which might damage your silk scarves. But if you’re using them for bondage it’s still a good idea to keep bandage scissors nearby. In the event of an emergency your sub is more valuable than any scarf.

Got any scarf care tips? Share them in comments below!


  1. Hi Opal, being a silk scarf fetishist I’m most appreciative of your interest in this subject, Thankyou for this website and your efforts towards the scarfetish cause.

    Whilst I’m terribly closeted in this regard I am never the less always experimenting and working on all manner of contraptions, devices, garmentery, and the like that focus on deriving greater pleasure from the humble silk scarf.

    Like most, I derive fantastic orgasmic pleasure from being a fetishist and actually wrote (but never published) a hypothetical piece on why I felt – from a silk scarf fetishist’s perspective, I’m likely to be one of the most sexually satisfied beings on the planet. As they say – for another time perhaps…..

    However, like you say, there is a far greater gain sexually to be had from any journey we take to shape a creation that – even though its indeed a labour of lust for self, the sheer thought of possible value to others somehow takes that sense of sensuality to another level.

    Clearly what an artist feels. Which it looks like you get to feel too Opal.

    Of late I’ve been perfecting a garment that I have that “value to others” feeling about too.

    It’s a 3-piece square scarf scrotum constrictor – referred to as an SSB, which can be worn and concealed from others under any mans day-wear to provide him with a sensual “tweak” of comfort from an in-tension-al discomforting pull n his scrotum. The onus being on a 3-way stretch method that the wearer uses to enable his body to trigger the tweaks.

    Wondering now – as I work to complete the instructions, if this is something a reader of this comment, or maybe you (through your clients and associates), can assist me perfect by testing?

    If this is something that you or anyone else reading wishes to consider and pursue further, I’d be delighted to have further discussion.

    Thanks for your time! Baz

    1. Greetings Baz! I suspect many of my readers might be interested in a garment/device of that nature. I wish you luck in connecting with someone who can help you test it, and to seeing how things develop from there.

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