Meet Evil Opal

What I Do

My role as your dominant Goddess is to create an experience: an opportunity for you to surrender control, let go of your everyday inhibitions and explore the realm where pain becomes pleasure and shame is transformed into bliss. I create an opportunity for you to truly serve, to belong and contribute to something that transcends your small self. As my committed servant you will expand the boundaries of your experience & grow, further than you ever thought possible, in directions you never dreamed of.

Custom Content Creation

Treat yourself to a delicious indulgence – artistic, classy & erotic custom photo sets of my sexy mature plump feet! You may request your favorite non-nude poses, clothing (within reason, must be items within my wardrobe), location (again within reason – everyday locations only!) and dirty or clean feet. 

One basic photoset ~ 10-25 photos ~ $50 

Your photos will be delivered as downloadable high-resolution jpg files within 3 weeks after payment is received. If your longing involves seeing me in more unusual locations, elaborate costumes, or explicit activities please write to me at Opal(at) to discuss your idea. 


My bombshell curves may catch the eye, but my sultry voice and devastating laugh have captured countless hearts. With a custom mp3 you can enjoy the intimacy of hearing me purr slave training commands into your ear or tell you an incredibly hot femdom fetish bedtime story. 

Unlike photos or video, there’s no limit to the creative extravagance I can use with costume, location, etc while recording a mature bbw Mistress audio fantasy. So for instance if your desire is to hear me as the Queen of a race of hermaphroditic aliens transforming you into a female so that I can impregnate you with my spawn, well, that would be totally do-able! I’m comfortable with a very wide variety of fetishes; you can check this page to see if your kinks are on the list of things I particularly enjoy (or on my list of hard limits).

Custom Audio Fantasy mp3 ~ 5-8 minutes ~ $50

A standard 5-8 minute audio fantasy mp3 costs a mere $50, and is delivered as a downloadable file typically within 10 days after payment is received.

Imagine having a sexy fetish video of me that’s explicitly designed to push YOUR erotic buttons. Something intensely personal, made just for you, that you can enjoy over and over again. Bespoke porn is more than just an indulgence; it’s an investment in pleasure that will pay you back for a lifetime.

Prices start at $100 for a simple 5 minute solo clip with an improvised script & one camera angle, with no special props, sets, costumes, or editing. Your finished clip will be delivered as a downloadable high-definition video file within 3 weeks of payment. (Typically mp4 but if you prefer wmv or some other format I can probably accommodate you.) If your custom femdom video clip idea is more involved feel free to write to me at Opal(at) and describe what you have in mind.

Custom Video Clip ~ approx 5 minutes ~ $100 

Domination at a Distance


A webcam session with me can be a friendly, no-pressure chat with the charmingly controlling Domme of your dreams…or a sublime session of being teased, tormented, and granted or denied orgasmic release at my whim. And I thoroughly enjoy watching YOU perform for me too – my wicked laughter will be ringing in your head!

Webcam Domination
1/2 hour – $150
1 hour – $200
2 hours – $350


I’m typically available for phone domination & fetish chat on weekday afternoons (that’s USA Eastern time) several times a week. However my schedule is flexible; email me to inquire about making an appointment for a time that works for you.


Imagine being in contact with me 24/7, never knowing when I will give you a slave assignment or issue a sexy command!
When texting with me you are charged per text rather than as a block of time, and your messages are routed directly to my mobile phone. This means you can communicate with me throughout the day (and night), keeping in contact with your dominant Goddess all the time instead of only for the length of a domination session.

In Person Sessions

I will only be doing in-person play sessions with personal submissives for the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic. I am still available for text, webcam & phone domination sessions.

Spend some quality time with my feet, in private at your upscale location or in a mutually agreeable public place.

Rates for Foot Worship/Foot Domination sessions:
1/2 hour – $200
1 hour – $350

These rates apply to local (Tampa Bay area) sessions only and do not include the cost of location rental if such is required.

To arrange a foot worship or foot domination session with me you must first join my fan club here: Evil Opal @ AVN Stars

Once you’ve joined you can request an appointment by filling out my booking request form here: 

    Do you require DISCIPLINE? Receive a good old-fashioned spanking, paddling, cropping or caning from a strict, mature disciplinarian in the privacy of your own chambers.

    Rates for corporal punishment/domestic discipline sessions:
    1/2 hour – $200
    1 hour – $350

    Rates are applicable in the Tampa Bay area only and do not include the cost of location rental if such is required.  

    To arrange a corporal punishment/domestic discipline session with me you must first join my AVN Stars fan club here:

    Once you’ve joined you can request an appointment by filling out my booking request form here: 

      What will you be wearing?
      Most often I will be dressed in classic Florida business woman style. Imagine the sort of thing you might see a realtor, museum director, or well-to-do housewife wearing. If there is a specific garment or style that you’ve got a fetish for & crave seeing me in, feel free to respectfully request it when you submit your request for an appointment. Remember, it never hurts to send a gift to cover the cost of such requests!

      Will there be aftercare?
      Yes. To be precise: I always stick around for a few minutes after the hitty stuff is over, and I have a few questions I will ask you immediately after our session and again some time later, once you’ve had a bit of time to process.

      If you require (or simply desire) anything else in the way of aftercare please do tell me. Believe it or not, helping you land gently after the high of being with me really helps me as a Domme avoid “top drop” too.

      Will you let me jerk off?
      Maybe. Probably not.

      Do you give handjobs/blowjobs/etc?

      Will you get naked in our session?


      Can I worship your feet/tits/pussy/ass/whatever?



      What about other fetish activities?

      You may request silk bondage during any session 1 hour or longer. 

      You may request a gag if you’re afraid your cries will attract unwanted attention.

      I will most likely make you kiss my feet/shoes/boots at the start of our session to show respect, and again at the end of it to demonstrate your gratitude. If you are interested in more foot/shoe worship than that you should request a foot domination session.

      For all other fetish play activities you will need to either arrange an FLR experience or become one of my digital disciples. – More information coming eventually! 

      Personal Slave Positions

      What Others Are Saying

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