Meet Evil Opal in Person

Properly respectful submissive gentlemen who’ve demonstrated their sincerity by sending an introductory gift may inquire about meeting me in person.

Typically we’d meet for the  first time in a bar or restaurant. (Do I have to even say it’s your treat?) You should not count on any kinky playtime at this first meeting. It’s common courtesy for you to bring a gift for your Mistress to every meeting; any tribute requirements will be negotiated ahead of time between us.

In some cases our meeting might take place elsewhere, such as a day spa or shopping mall. In these cases we will have discussed and set a total budget in advance. (At minimum you can expect to spend at least $500 on an excursion such as this.)

In all cases, the proper way to approach me is with the deference due to a GODDESS: respectfully, and with an offering in hand to please Her.

In your introductory letter to me I expect you to tell me about yourself – where do you live? with who? how old are you and what do you do for a living? what do you like to do for fun outside of kink? You should also tell me what you are seeking with me – what kind of fetishes are you into? where would you dream of meeting me? for how long & how often? what is it you are seeking to explore or accomplish in your relationship with me?

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eek! I’m not ready to grovel at your feet yet Mistress, take me back to safe anonymity