Sensation Play with Silk & Satin

You’re probably familiar with the archetypal image of the leather Domme. I do love dressing up in leather sometimes, and I’m definitely a sadist, but I call myself instead a SILK DOMME.

What is a silk domme? It’s a Lady whose aesthetic is more attuned to the sumptuous luxury of the upper crust than the macho badass look of black leather. This can be expressed in anything from a corporate ‘power suit’ with silk blouse & stockings to the goddessly drapes of a silk sari, and it has a long and distinguished history in the canon of Femdom. (You would never have seen Wanda in a leather catsuit!)

Join me on January 16th at 10pm Eastern Time as I discuss being a silk domme, and the pleasures of incorporating silk & other luxurious fabrics into your BDSM play, with “Dr. Sue” Storm on the In Bed with Dr. Sue show!

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