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Public Foot Worship

Ordering a slave to worship my feet in a public place can be an exercise in exposure & humiliation. But that’s not what this essay is about. Today I want to talk about some of my favorite ways of sneaking subtle foot worship into ordinary public outings. You love my feet? You think my feet should be worshiped every day? Well here’s a few ideas about how we can make that a reality!

Everyday public foot worship

There are loads of ways to incorporate public foot worship into daily activities. Bending down to ‘help me fix my shoe’ is one of the best. You can help me tie a sneaker, adjust a sandal strap, slip on a pump. Mmm, how exciting would it be watching my pretty plump toes slide inside a sexy pump from so close up that you could smell it? And if we’re in public I probably wouldn’t kick you in the balls immediately afterward, lol!


BBW Foot Fetish BDSM Education Femdom Life My Philosophy My Protocols Realtime Play


You might sneak in a kiss when you’re fixing my shoe. But an even better way of getting your face close to my feet is by giving me a foot rub. And there are so many places where that kind of public foot worship is completely unremarkable. At the beach for instance: imagine having one foot wiggling in your lap while the other is held in your hands, stroking and stroking my soft meaty soles. Throw in a worshipful kiss or two and you’ll merely be seen as a besotted lover rather than the foot fetish pervert we both know you are.

You can also take advantage of quick moments of privacy. Say we’re headed up to the next level of that department store or art gallery. You could quickly kneel for a moment of public foot worship when the elevator doors close. Or in a restaurant, we can choose a table in the back where I might slide my feet into your lap, allowing you to stroke and massage them (and them to stroke, trample & tease you) throughout our meal.


BBW Foot Fetish BDSM Education Femdom Life My Philosophy My Protocols Realtime Play

Shoe shopping: the ideal cover

Shoe shopping alone offers a huge wealth of public foot worship opportunities. Watching my feet slide in over and over again as you help me try on shoe after shoe. Kneeling before me in worshipful submission to my sexy feet. Helping me choose the most beautiful and flattering styles of footwear. Socks, stockings & pantyhose too; you might help me pick out hosiery designed to melt the mind of other foot fetish guys like you. You can render the most useful service of paying for my selections, and then bask in my happy delight as I enjoy my new shoes.

Shoe shopping might really be the perfect excuse for public foot worship. And it’s such a win-win for you! Because not only do you get to have fun while we’re out shopping, you’re also laying the groundwork for future foot worship opportunities. Buy me the stunning designer shoes I want and I’m a million times more likely to have happy feelings about spending time with you in the future.

Want to take me shoe shopping – or just tell me about your foot fetish fantasies? Visit this page to find out how you can schedule foot worship time with me.


  1. Si me gustaría estar a sus pies y comprarle sus zapatillas ya que sería genial limpiarselas y adorarla y besar sus bellos pies

    1. Start by joining my fanclub at – I do photo or video updates of my beautiful feet almost every day! – Goddess Opal

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