Domination for the discerning adventurer


Domination for the discerning adventurer

From My Filthy Mind

In the Grip of My Wicked Ass

My ass is so irresistible it casts a wicked spell on you that you can’t break free from. You just have to see more..stroke more..buy more..keep moving your face in closer and closer until it becomes your whole world…MY ASS RULES YOU AND YOU KNOW IT. A taste from my latest photoset. Go buy...

You Can’t Resist My Smokin’ Tits

Oh hell this clip is nine minutes long, you’re never gonna reach the end of it, are you? I mean, why do I even bother when I know a little three minute wonder like you will never last that long. The sight of me in a tiny bikini top that barely contains my full,...

I Want That Bird Locked!

I’m so excited! Look what came in the mail today – the new chastity cage you’re about to start wearing all night, every night, to train your body for REALLY long term chastity. Because I’ve been thinking about it, and I’ve decided I really don’t have any use for that puny thing between your...

Slave Opening: Sissy Maid

Imagine we’ve met in some hotel room. And I’ve taken away your clothes and dressed you in nothing but silky panties, pantyhose, sexy high heels and a skimpy French maid’s uniform. Perhaps I’ve even slipped a butt plug into your ass and locked your puny cockette into a chastity cage. Then I give you a...

Lick My Armpits Clean

  I’ve been out dancing and now I’m feeling sweaty and gross. And you’re gonna fix it – with your hard working slave tongue! In this clip I instruct you on how you’ll be allowed the privilege of licking my stinky, sweaty, stubbly armpits clean before I dismiss you coldly from my Queenly presence....

Wicked Water Queen

  Your wicked water queen is here to lure you to  your doom in this, one of my most fun wetlook videos yet! You get to watch my sexy leather fetish boots drenched in a cascade of water…every dimple in my fabulous ass exposed as the material of my tight club dress gets shiny...

Taunted by My Tits & Smoking

I had so much fun taunting you the last time, wielding the power of my curvaceous cleavage and my luscious full lips over you and demonstrating EXACTLY how easy it is for me to make you blow your load as I blow smoke from my long white menthol cigarette over my bountiful breasts. You’re...

Wet Sweater Girl

Getting soaked by the waves only highlights the way my curves are poured into this sweater! You’ll love the way the wet fabric clings to my big pierced nipples, and you’ll love even more the tantalizing peeks at my panties you get up my short skirt and through the soaking-sheer fabric.  *This video contains...

Blackmailed Boytoy

Get over here and put that pretty mouth to work, whoreboy. What, you don’t think you’re my whoreboy? Well unless you want EVERYONE YOU KNOW to see that video I made of you worshipping my boots like the filthy little loser perv you are you’ll act like a good little toy-boy and do everything...

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