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Packages Packages Packages

I’m clearing out my cellphone gallery & trying to keep my new year’s resolution, so here’s a random collection of pics of packages I’ve received. I don’t always forget to take pics but I rarely have time to post them. I’m too fussy about doing things like adding a logo/watermark. (Bear in mind my disability makes doing stupid everyday things like this take 3x as long and use 5x as much energy as they do for a “normal” person.)  I often wonder if maybe I should just chill, let go of worrying about those details and learn to use the on-the-fly photo posting tools that are native in twitter & other social media platforms. It would make me better able to relate in forums like snapchat and instagram I’m sure.

I tend to waaaaay overthink things like this.

Anyhow, here’s the greedy findom loot porn. I apologize that I can’t remember who they were from or what the hell was in these packages any more. I’m sure I’ve already thanked their senders privately:


In other news the race wars are flaring up again on the porn end of twitter. I don’t know how it all started. What I know is that I woke up this morning and looked at my timeline to see quite a few women vehemently backing an argument that goes like this:

Any black man who seeks racial humiliation must be so traumatized by the abuse inflicted on him by society that he’s suffering from severe psychological issues. Otherwise he wouldn’t be asking for racial humiliation in the first place. A responsible domme should care about the well being of her sub, not permitting or encouraging him to engage in things that will be harmful to himself. Therefore any woman willing to engage in racial humiliation with a black man is callously using said black man’s mental illness for profit – an immoral and racist action. (The corollary of course being that no “moral” woman would befriend/work with/follow on social media/etc one of those racist bitches – and the wave of bannings commenced.) 

I understand that the idea behind this argument is to try & prove that all white women who make racial humiliation content, or even do any kind of race play, are evil racist bitches at heart. Those who’re espousing this bs are using it as justification for their own bannings & shunnings & blacklisting campaigns. But once again it boggles my mind that otherwise rational beings can’t see the huge and really fucking important flaw in this argument.

Who are you to decide that someone you have never met is so psychologically damaged they must be mentally ill to the point that they are unable to give consent?

That’s SO important I want to repeat it, in much plainer language:

You’re saying that any black man who ever gets turned on by being called a ‘nigger’ is so mentally ill he’s incapable of choosing for himself what he wants to do sexually. That any woman he goes to should recognize his incapacity, his inability to rationally give consent, and refuse to participate in any play that might further harm him.

How insulting and demeaning would it be to tell a person into spanking, or bondage, or crossdressing, that their fetish was automatically a sign of such severe mental illness that they MUST be unable to freely give consent to roleplaying or buying porn with those themes? Or how about a woman who was into being called a fat pig, or who had rape fantasies? A man who fantasized about being castrated? Anyone with fantasies of being pissed on, or burned at the stake? That guy who once had 6 nails driven through his scrotum? That woman who did that intense crucifixion scene?

How can you think you’re doing black men GOOD by claiming that they, and only they, are SO much weaker, more wounded by the evils of the world than everyone else out there, all those other people with all those other disturbing fantasies? How can you NOT recognize the way in which you are infantilizing them & stripping them of their agency  with this argument?

How can you not recognize the door this opens, the slippery slope that leads toward ever more restrictive censorship on the things YOU like too? Have you not been paying attention to what’s happening in Britian?

Shit like this is why I no longer call myself a feminist. I just can’t kiss the ass of “sisterhood” and jump on the dogma bandwagon with other women on issues like this when I have real individual men standing in front of me, with real individual needs, generally asking simply to be CARED ABOUT.