My Fetish Interests

Do we share the same kinks? Here’s a short list of the fetishes I’m interested in. Some are things I have a LOT of experience with. Others are kinks that I’m still learning but enjoy very much. Click the links to find out more about my thoughts & experiences with these fetish activities!

I consider myself expert in

Fetishes I’m experienced with and enjoy very much include

Fetishes I’m only a beginner with but still like a lot

  • Financial Domination
  • Male Chastity (with a cage)
  • Erotic hypnosis, brainwashing & mind control

Things I’m quite keen to learn

  • Fireplay
  • Singletail whipping

This is a short list of my main areas of interest & expertise. If you don’t see your kink listed please feel free to ask me about it!

My hard limits:

I will not kill or maim you. (I’ve had guys ask.) I won’t do anything that’s likely to get me arrested. I’m not at all keen on involving unconsenting others in my scenes, and I would never involve kids.

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