My Black Bull

I haven’t said anything about it; didn’t want to jinx it by making a public declaration. But I’ve been seeing a new guy and after the delicious date we had yesterday I’m finally ready to start talking  about him.

We’ve been dating for a couple of months now and things are going very well. He’s handsome, smart, a hard worker, has a great sense of style, treats me like a Queen and is hung like a horse.

He’s also black, which is fantastic.  Not that I’ve been limiting myself to black boys; I was mainly interested in finding a nice big cock to play with! But it being ‘BBC’ is gonna be very fun for pushing the buttons of my cucks and sissies. *wickedgrin*

He behaves exactly as I want him to: he does what he’s told without question or complaint, is exquisitely grateful for my time & attention, and goes away when I’m finished using him. In short, the perfect bull for a sexy cuckoldress. The biggest flaw I’ve found so far is that he didn’t come with a huge trust fund, lol!

I’m sure if things continue to go well you’ll hear more about him. But if you want  any REALLY juicy details you’ll have to have a private chat or phone call with me.  ;D

Wanna hear more about the fun I’m having with my big black bull? Call or text me now!


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