More stupid shit people say on twitter

“I judge a Domme by the purchased items on her wishlist.”

I saw a subguy tweet this recently, and I was like, seriously? I mean, just THINK about that for a minute. Even assuming that the items in question were, in fact purchased for the domme by her submissives what does it even tell you about her? That she likes to shop. What she likes to buy. I’m not arguing that you can learn a fair bit about a person’s tastes and interests by perusing the items on her wishlist, but it really tells you very little about who the person actually IS, their character, talents, intelligence, skills, knowledge, or anything. So what if she has 57 pairs of high heels on her list? That doesn’t actually mean she knows the first thing about stomping your balls and trampling on you with them without doing permanent damage.

And the truth is you CAN’T be sure the ‘purchased’ items were even purchased by her subs. They could have been bought for her by her vanilla friends and family. She could have a sugar daddy whose cock she’s sucking every night to get all those gifts. She could have simply bought them for herself. Or hell; even the dumbest of you subguys have figured out how to place an order and then cancel it so that it LOOKS like something has been purchased from our wishlists – what’s to stop us from doing the same thing to fool you? A domme could just as easily make it look like she had a wishlist full of extravagant gifts constantly being bought for her. And that sub, basing his “judgment” on such idiotic grounds, well, he’d be suckered right in, wouldn’t he?

But hey, maybe that’s what he’s really looking for and just can’t admit to himself. I think a lot of people are in denial like that.