Captain Opal, Interstellar Sex Goddess

I’m thrilled to finally be able to introduce a project that’s been in my heart & on my mind for years: I’ve recently recorded the first three chapters of The Erotic Adventures of Captain Opal.

Captain Opal looks like a beautiful woman but don’t be fooled by her gorgeous voluptuousness – she’s not human.  She’s a space temptress on a mission to recruit a slave army & drain them of every drop of sperm they can pump out.  And she won’t hesitate to use her seductive alien powers to exploit every weakness in her mission to enslave the weak-minded males of Earth!

I’ve already published chapter one & you can now find it as a recorded listing on NiteFlirt. I’ll be releasing a new chapter every few weeks, and eventually you’ll be able to buy these recordings on iWantClips, Clips4Sale, and elsewhere. Check out chapter one now, and stay tuned for more exciting adventures to come! ;D


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