Femdom Life Random Fun  zombies tribute travel service Miami Mistress Miami Florida Domme beach babe


Sadly I’ve had to postpone my Miami trip due to Hurricane Irma.  🙁

Miami’s practically in my backyard though so I plan on becoming a very regular visitor there. Keep a watch for my rescheduled tour dates!

Femdom Life Random Fun  zombies tribute travel service Miami Mistress Miami Florida Domme beach babe


Canceling my trip is unfortunate but what’s worse is that the eye of the storm now appears to be heading directly for my home here in Tampa Bay.

I live in a higher level evacuation zone that’s safe in all but the worst storms. So I decided to stay in place and offer shelter to several  other folks (and their pets) from more low-lying areas. As the forecast has shifted that becomes a more and more perilous decision and I am anxious. If the storm surge prediction rises much higher it won’t  be safe here. We prepare as best we can for every forseeable danger, and then we just have to sit & wait & pray that everything will be ok.

It would sure cheer me up  to see gobs of tributes & clip orders coming in through this storm!

One of the best luxuries that your support gives me is the ability to be generous with others, like taking in these evacuees. You can really set yourself apart and earn my approval by stepping up to truly SERVE ME at times like these.

A few other random #HurricaneIrma reflections…

I’ve been really impressed by the coordination between local, state & federal agencies working together with local businesses and service providers. It’s very heartening to see all the lessons learned from previous horrific storms applied now to help everyone stay safe and protect their property during this record-breaking challenge.

Speaking of challenges…people often envy the carefree ‘beachcomber’  lifestyle we live in places like Florida and other tropical havens. I’ve always thought that events like hurricanes are big contributors to that. Being regularly reminded that all your worldly goods could be washed away teaches you to not be so damned attached to them. And being forced to drop everything – no matter how “important” it might have seemed before – to gather together with your loved ones and concentrate on survival focuses your priorities.

Finally…the thought occurred to me…

You know what this would be a really bad time for?   (Other than my period, the ONE possibility I didn’t plan or get supplies for – thanks Mother Nature!  *wahhh*)

A zombie apocalypse.

But wouldn’t that make a great movie?  *wickedgrin*


I’ll be back; see you on the other  side of Irmageddon!