Spoiled means what *I* say it does.

I have one serious issue when it comes to being a “findomme”.

You see, most submissive males who have the financial fetish actually kink on what I would refer to as “class markers”. What I mean by this is that what he’s REALLY turned on by is what he perceives as the posh snobby bitch who wouldn’t give him the time of day unless (and possibly even if) he gives her his money. Her poshness being evidenced by the aforementioned class markers: the Louboutin pumps, Gucci bags, Versace dresses and so on.

And the thing is, I place a much higher value on e.g. having exquisite professionally designed edible landscaping in my yard than any shoes or dresses. If I DO choose to adorn myself with designer brands I would much prefer to choose up-and-coming artists that are on the cutting edge than wear the same labels that are frankly, in my opinion, boringly mainstream. And I have the unmitigated temerity to believe that *I*, as the DOMINANT in the relationship, should be the one whose wishes and desires dictate how the money gets spent – not what makes his dick tingly. I adore being spoiled; I just happen to think being spoiled means what *I* say it does, not whatever fetish stereotype these wankers imagine “spoiled” is limited to.

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate luxury. I like a designer label. I love being girly, and dressing with style and glamour. I just have other values that are more important to me than owning dozens of pairs of shoes that sit unworn in my closet. It matters to me, for instance, that the planet we live on still have beautiful natural spaces a hundred or 200 years from now. And if my having dozens of useless pairs of shoes today is going to contribute to the destruction of those natural spaces, why the hell would I want to make that trade? And I’m afraid that no matter how hard I tried I would just not be able to maintain a facade of being the sort of spoilt princess who cares more about having yet another new outfit than having something that really matters to me. I think these guys have a very mistaken idea of what true wealth, class and style really look like.


What this means in a practical sense is that it’s a true PRIVILEGE to be allowed to buy me clothes or shoes. I’m not out there all the time wishlisting outfit after outfit. And when the time comes that I do want something in the way of clothing, lingerie or footwear I want it to be of the highest quality & style. Which doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll come with a designer label…but it often does. And I won’t settle for the cheap fetishy knock-offs that boys try to get away with sending; if you are not able to serve MY real desires then I have no use – or time – for you.

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