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How to make Mistress say “Good Sissy!”

I love to wake up and see shit like this in my inbox. Somebody just can’t get enough of me. He went to one of my clipstores and bought a big pile of clips, then went and put in a second large order in another.

And that’s a name I vaguely remember having seen before too; he must be a regular. “Surely he already has some of these clips?” I’m wondering to myself. Maybe he’s been stroke-delete-and repeating like a VERY good little cuck-slut. Making sure Mistress will have a steady trickle of cash flowing into her bank account to pay for her salon visits to get her nails done, keeping her fingers and toes looking so beautifully sexy. To pay for the fuck-me heels she wears to show off those sexy feet and legs and drive the men wild. To pay for her elegant, silky lingerie and sheer sensual nylon stockings & pantyhose. And even to pay for the torridly hot dresses she wears, and all the other finishing touches of makeup, jewelry & accessories that go into making her look so perfectly glamorous and desirable. You know, all the little luxuries she’ll be wanting to prepare for her hot dates with the studly males who fuck her like he knows he could never dream of doing.

Poor little sissy. If only he could at least be allowed to suck my lover’s cock and get him ready for me, or clean him after we’re done, or…oh what a heavenly thought…be allowed to slup my stud’s cum right off my gorgeous lush curvy body…

Good sissy, KM, whoever you are.  😉