Help your Goddess WIN!

I've got a special announcement for you today - for the first time I've decided to participate in one of Clips4Sale's contests! And I need your help to win.

Contest rules are simple (and awesome!) - Clips4Sale is handing out cash bonuses to every producer who participates, based on the total dollar amount of clip sales generated through their unique contest link before January 15, 2017.

My Contest Link

I have tons of great new clips for you to enjoy & many more on the way, so there's PLENTY of ways to indulge yourself & binge on Opal. And every time you buy a clip I win, woohoo!

To sweeten the pot even more I've decided to reward the fellow who buys the most clips from me during this contest with a FREE 5-8 minute CUSTOM CLIP!

Only sales that are identified with my unique contest link count, so please remember to


when you're going shopping for new videos to feed your Opal addiction.

You can also help me out by promoting me on any social media platforms you use. Just copy this link and use it in your forum posts, tweets, etc.

So get out there now and binge & promote, binge & promote, because you know that helping your Goddess succeed is the most satisfying thing!  ;D

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