Getting to Know Me


I appreciate your interest in me, but I’m sure you can understand that I get a LOT of messages from fellows wishing just to talk. If I spent time chatting with all of them I’d have no time left for anything else! So I’ve set up this page to help direct you to other ways & places we can interact in a more satisfying way.


I LOVE meddling with men via text message; it’s probably my favorite way to dominate you at a distance. I’m able to reach out and fuck with your mind at any time of day or night. How better to feel truly OWNED? If you’d like to interact in this fashion please contact me through my preferred sexting service, SextPanther.

Evil Opal on SextPanther


Are you more interested in meeting me in the flesh? Be sure to visit my sessions page, where you can find detailed information about serving me in person.

Session with Me


Do you love my Femdom smut and want to see more? Then visit one of my video stores:

Evil Opal at Clips4Sale

Evil Opal at IWantClips


Want to be my promo slave? You don’t need my permission or my attention to start!

Be My Promo Bitch


I also love offerings of fan art, poems & stories written in my honor. You may email that sort of tribute to me at