So you want to be My footslave?

It’s no secret that I love foot worship. There are few things in this world I find more pleasurable than having my feet kissed and licked and my pretty polished toes sucked. And my plump, mature feet are so exquisitely beautiful that I constantly have throngs of men begging to worship them. But only those candidates who prove themselves capable of pleasing me, of making themselves genuinely useful and truly satisfying my desires are allowed the privilege of becoming my footslaves. Are you worthy? Follow these steps to prove your devotion as my faithful foot-bitch.

Step One: Join My Foot Fan Club

Membership in my AVN Stars fan club comes with lots of perks, including:

  • Slave Tasks
  • Foot Fetish Videos
  • Erotic Audio Recordings
  • Daily Pic Posts
  • And lots of other exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else!

You’ll also be able to message me directly. And most importantly, this is where you’ll begin to learn how to serve and please me. 

Step Two: Buy 5 of My Foot Fetish Videos

I consider myself an artist, and the femdom porn I make is a form of art. By purchasing my art you demonstrate your support for me as an artist in the best possible way. You also give yourself a thrilling opportunity to enjoy and learn from the examples you see.

After you’ve purchased your 5 clips be sure to leave a review saying what you especially loved about each clip, then send me a direct message through telling me which clips you purchased (and what username you purchased them under if different from your AVN user name).

Enter your name & email for a free video preview and see what it’s like to be my footslave…

Step Three: Send Me a Gift from My Wishlist

A worthy foot slave needs to know what his Goddess likes in order to please her, and studying my wishlist is a good way to start learning what I like. Sending a small (or large) gift from my wishlist is also an excellent way for you to demonstrate that you are ready to take action to satisfy my desires. After all, actions speak much louder than words!

Step Four:

Once you’ve demonstrated your worthiness and sincere intention to serve MY desires is to complete a formal application to become my footslave.

~ Application coming soon! ~