My Thoughts on Female Supremacy

Female supremacy is always a  popular subject with submissive males, who love to imagine living in a world where every woman is one who might order them down on their knees. But in reality? I think the idea that any person is automatically superior just because they possess a vagina is about as idiotic as the notion that a person could be intrinsically superior for possessing a penis.

That said, I DO believe that males of our species are biologically programmed to be..easily manipulated. Led. Controlled. By the female, probably for the evolutionary benefit of us all. And that goes for the males that consider themselves “dominant” as well as the ones that KNOW they are the submissive property & playthings of Superior Women. Think about it…even those ‘alpha male’ doms who strut about boasting of their manly man manliness…what is, so often, the pinnacle of achievement for these men? How many times, how often, how well he can MAKE HER CUM.

How well he can sexually please a women.

I think that pretty much says it all. Men – ALL men, be they dom or sub, and yes, even, to some degree, the gay boys – are programmed to want, to NEED, to please women. (With the gay boys from what I’ve seen it usually gets expressed as a desire to please their mum rather than a lady-love.) And thus women have a natural trigger with which to train men, a power to wield to keep them in line. So yeah, I guess you could say I am at heart some sort of female supremacist. But I take the ‘Female Supremacy’ I read of in the links you guys send me to be so much erotic fiction. And the unspoken female supremacy pretending to be equality and calling itself feminism nowadays disgusts me with its hypocrisy. But yes, at heart I believe in the innate truth of … Pussy Power!


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