Evil Opal now on iWantClips

I’ve been super busy lately, and one of the things I’ve been up to is joining a new (for me) clipsite: iWantClips.

I’ve been hearing great things about working with these folks from other Dommes & camgirls, and they ranked #1 in Sexposé’s 2016 clip store derby. There’s a lot of things I love about the site so far, but maybe the best feature for YOU guys is the super-easy custom clip ordering system. Custom-made porn is an awesome thing for the buyer: it allows you to get all those little details that push YOUR buttons without any squicky bits.  And although the upfront cost might seem expensive, when you compare it to what you might pay for a session with your favorite Domina and consider that you’ll be able to view that smut over and over again for years, you can easily see how much bang (harharhar!) you get for your buck with a custom clip or photoset.

(iWantClips has just introduced a new phone system too, which of course yours truly has signed up to take advantage of.)

Go ahead and splurge – binge on all my latest clips at iWantClips and complete your collection today!