Domination for the discerning adventurer


Domination for the discerning adventurer

Slave Openings

Sext with Me @ SextPanther

Today I’m delighted to announce that I’ve joined the SextPanther network! SextPanther is way cool; it allows you to text my phone directly, and me to answer you back, while maintaining total privacy & discretion – neither of our real phone numbers are shown. It makes it super easy for you to text with...

Why is it so hard to find a Mistress?

Good evening Miss, I am feeling weak and aching to serve. humbly, {some random subguy} I get letters like this All. The. Time. This guy probably actually thinks he’s being polite, respectful and “humble”. But what does his message actually translate to? What, actually, is service? SERVICE, genuine service, is something offered without strings...

Slave Opening: Sissy Maid

Imagine we’ve met in some hotel room. And I’ve taken away your clothes and dressed you in nothing but silky panties, pantyhose, sexy high heels and a skimpy French maid’s uniform. Perhaps I’ve even slipped a butt plug into your ass and locked your puny cockette into a chastity cage. Then I give you a...

Slave Opening – Panty Pig

Wouldn’t you love to take your place beneath my ass as my squealing, helplessly enslaved panty pig? To be considered for this position you should be a filthy, humiliation loving pig. The kind of weak-minded perv that loses all power to resist when a curvalicious woman like myself gives him that wicked, knowing look and...

Slave Opening – Cigarette Bitch

I want you to crawl over here like a good little boy. Now sit up on your knees and put your hands behind your back, that’s good. Now open your mouth, stick out your tongue, and get ready to receive my ashes.. Being my human ashtray and the subject of my cigarette burning tortures; I...

Spoiled means what *I* say it does.

I have one serious issue when it comes to being a “findomme”. You see, most submissive males who have the financial fetish actually kink on what I would refer to as “class markers”. What I mean by this is that what he’s REALLY turned on by is what he perceives as the posh snobby bitch who wouldn’t give him the time...

Road Trip From FL to PA in Aug 2014

  I’m planning a road trip departing from St Pete, Florida on August 2nd and heading as far north as the Pittsburgh, PA area. I’m already planning stops in Jacksonville FL & Macon GA, and anywhere else along the way that I might meet up with fun and APPROPRIATELY GENEROUS submissive fellas along the way.  I’ll...

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