Domination for the discerning adventurer


Domination for the discerning adventurer

My Protocols

Why is it so hard to find a Mistress?

Good evening Miss, I am feeling weak and aching to serve. humbly, {some random subguy} I get letters like this All. The. Time. This guy probably actually thinks he’s being polite, respectful and “humble”. But what does his message actually translate to? What, actually, is service? SERVICE, genuine service, is something offered without strings...

Spoiled means what *I* say it does.

I have one serious issue when it comes to being a “findomme”. You see, most submissive males who have the financial fetish actually kink on what I would refer to as “class markers”. What I mean by this is that what he’s REALLY turned on by is what he perceives as the posh snobby bitch who wouldn’t give him the time...

Slave basics – build an altar to your Goddess

As my supplicant your first task will be to build an altar to your Goddess. This altar may be physical or digital and it can be as elaborate as you like, adorned with your favorite images of me and housing those treasured objects (panties, cigarette butts, etc) you may have collected. I encourage you to use your...

Eye-opening Bullshit

Once upon a time there was this guy in the local scene I had a massive predatory-domme crush on. We’d been chatting online for a while, things were going really well, and I could not wait to get my hands (and my cigarette!) on his body. He seemed like a sadistic bitch’s dream come...

What you can expect from Me as your Mistress

Interaction Boundary Pushing Imaginative Sadism Uninhibited Lustiness Overall Nurturing & Guidance   Interaction I’m not one of those Mistresses who says “give me your money and get lost, loser.”  Well, not seriously anyway. 😉 I prefer submissives who thrive on interaction. I’ll want to know about your life, interests and relationships outside of kink....

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