Burning Desires

“Have you ever” I asked, trailing the cherry of My cigarette lightly across his chest, “fantasized about having your nipples burnt off? Of having a Woman’s cigarette ground into them over and over until there’s nothing left but a blackened circle of charred flesh?” I let the tip graze his nipple, touching enough to bring redness and searing pain but not quite enough to blister. Probably. He flinches and whines and I chuckle, a deep throaty sound that betrays My sensual pleasure in these proceedings. “What a silly question…of course you have. You’ve sent Me the links to all those nasty stories you like, about boys being tortured and burned. But did you ever think you’d be experiencing it for real?”

I take another drag from My cigarette and the cherry flames back to life. Breathing My smoke into his face I trace shrinking circles around his right nipple. “Are you ready to feel it for real baby?” I murmur into his ear, My lips caressing his skin. “Are you to ready be marked for life?” He moans and closes his eyes as I pull My hand back and…

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