Black Lives Matter: Black Men’s Sex Lives Matter

I normally try very hard to stay out of this kind of internet shitstorm. I’m not here to proselytize to anybody; I’m here to sell some porn. But I foolishly opened my damn mouth on this one and became the object of a social justice witchhunt. Thus I feel the need to make some kind of public statement declaring my position on these matters.

I’m not gonna fall into the bullshit trap of talking about this in the politically correct jargon of social justice warriors. As they say, the personal is political and this is about actual PEOPLE. What good is “Black lives matter” if it grinds up real black people’s lives?

A few days ago I started talking to a black man. He has a big kink revolving around the fantasy of constantly longing for white pussy that he can never have. And yes, he likes to use the oh-so-taboo “N” word.

I’m also acquainted with a lot of black dommes. A couple of these are among the women in the scene I most respect, admire, and look up to.

(Incidentally, many, MANY of these women make black female supremacy – not just ANY female supremacy mind you, BLACK female supremacy, a cornerstone of their personas, content, and marketing.)

Lately many of these women have also begun to insist that ANY white woman who EVER does ANY kind of racial humiliation is by definition racist, and will proceed to ostracize and badmouth her, and attempt to blacklist her – keep her from getting work – if possible.

~~Please note that I am not addressing any woman in particular here, merely noting general trends~~

During one of my occasional brief twitter visits yesterday I noticed a conflict on this subject going on. And because of my recent interactions with this particular man it just deeply saddened me. It saddened me to think that I might lose the respect or possibility of friendship with the women I like so much if I were to enter into a relationship with this man, to try and meet the needs of this man. And it saddened me even more to think that this man, no matter WHO he approached, was going to be faced with this kind of bullshit.

Think about that for a minute.

Which is why I opened my big mouth, prompting the shitstorm to turn in my direction. One of the accusations flung at me the brouhaha, while I was there, was that “black men faced enough shit already; they didn’t need to deal with it here too.”

But that is precisely what these black women are doing. THEY are piling shit on the black men’s kink. Before I had to leave this stupid twitter argument to go live my life one of these black dommes even said to me that SHE would NEVER engage in this play with a black man.

Ok. So if this is his fetish, and he can’t have it with a black woman, because that would be somehow ethically wrong…and he can’t do it with a white woman, or presumably any other race either, because that would make said other woman an evil racist fiend…exactly how is this BLACK MAN ever supposed to get HIS sexual needs met?

Or aren’t black men ever supposed to be submissive, or have taboo fetishes?

I only participated for a brief time before I came to my senses and went back to my normal life – which does NOT involve sitting around on twitter all day, much less sitting around arguing about stupid shit with people on twitter all day! I have a few things I could say about a couple of the other bullshit “arguments” which were made in the short time I was there. But think it is a black man’s choice whether or not he wants to engage in this kind of kink, and that is really the only relevant factor. No one else has the right to be dictating that to him.