Be My Promo Bitch

I’m always getting messages from men who ask to be my promotional or retweet slave.

My answer to this is: PROMOTE ME then!

You don’t need my permission (or my attention) to retweet,  reblog, like & share everything I post on my social  media accounts. However I guarantee that if you DO start boosting my signal everywhere I’ll take notice. And when you keep it up, demonstrating that you will put in the effort to make yourself useful to me, you’ll eventually earn my attention.

You can help me build my empire in other ways too. If you belong to any adult  groups or forums you can post about me & my doings. If you have skills in art or graphic design you can make fan art banners etc as tributes to me. You can submit humiliating photos & videos of yourself performing slave tasks. If they amuse me  – and honor me – enough I might even share them online.

I expect all who are serious about being mine to do their part in promoting me. That includes submissives who are showering me with gifts and tributes. If you sincerely long to serve but you haven’t the means to open your wallet wide for me you can make yourself useful anyway by becoming my promo bitch. When you’ve put in the effort to make yourself valuable to me you’ll have earned my notice.



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