The Beauty of BBW Feet

I’ve spent a fair amount of time contemplating the question  of what makes BBW feet so awesome. Perfectly natural since I’m a plus-size Goddess who’s into foot fetishes, Right? Today I’d like to share my thoughts with you about what makes bbw feet (especially mine, lol!) wonderful.

BBW feet are extra pretty

My foot fetish interest lies more in the direction of loving to have my feet worshiped than in the direction of admiring other people’s feet. But when I’ve talked to my worshipers about their foot fetish they speak of loving things like the soft skin of my soles, the juicy curves of my high arches and wiggly toes, and the rich, sensuous smell of my feminine feet.
BBW Foot Fetish Femdom Life My Philosophy  trampling giantess foot worship foot goddess foot fetish foot crush fetishes crush bbw goddess bbw femdom bbw feet
It’s easy to see how bbw feet have extra helpings of the things that make female feet sexy. More padding makes bbw feet feel even softer, more plush and squishy. Feet that are plumper are less apt to have prominent bones and tendons, smoothing out that scrawny look women’s feet are prone to and making the curves of arch and toe even more deliciously tempting.

So plump arches are even softer and chubby toes are even more succulent than skinny ones. But there are also other ways that queenly bbw feet reign supreme. And many of those have to do with what makes them “bbw” feet to begin with: WEIGHT. A plus size lady is massive: she has mass, and all that substance is borne down upon her plump pretty feet.

BBW Foot Fetish Femdom Life My Philosophy  trampling giantess foot worship foot goddess foot fetish foot crush fetishes crush bbw goddess bbw femdom bbw feet

BBW feet are extra fun

This makes bbw feet especially good for some of the most fun things you can do with feet. Things like crush fetish, which I absolutely adore. I’m certain that my extra weight adds something when I’m slowly squashing a piece of fruit or a delicate pastry slowly underfoot, reveling in the feeling of its guts oozing out between my toes. And fast, hard, aggressive stomping is so much more crushing when there’s two or three hundred pounds on top of it! Smashing food, toys or household objects to pieces under my big bbw feet is so much fun I’m quite addicted to it.

It’s easy to see how bbw feet excel in giantess fantasies too. A plus-size Goddess is already larger than life in both spirit and substance. Enshrining her as a literal giant in a sexy fetish fantasy requires only a little stretch of the imagination. Imagine the shivers as her big foot menacingly hovers over you, her statuesque curves looming above! So sexy. *wickedgrin*

I haven’t (yet) had the chance to make much giantess fetish porn but that’s definitely on my list of things I’d like to explore. There’s another fetish where bbw feet have a massive advantage. I have more experience with this fetish but I’d love to amass even more. (Puns fully intended. ;p) And the particular foot related fetish I’m talking about is trampling.

Trampling fetish is a kink where having crushing weight bearing down on you is the best part. Being a woman of superior weight is an obvious advantage here. My experience so far is at the gentler end of trampling fetish, just standing and walking on my foot slave’s prone body, which is still an awesome rush. I can hardly wait to experience the more extreme edge of jumping on him, my 250lbs (give or take) knocking the breath out of him as I leap onto him from above. Or jump up and down on him, can you imagine the pummeling he’d take? *evilgrin*

I consider that to be edge play however, and it’s something I’m content to wait for until I have a really experienced player to guide me in how to do it safely. There’s one person I know that I think would be an excellent trampling fetish teacher but he lives clear across the country so we’ve not yet happened to meet up. Perhaps in a future post I’ll be able to do an interview with him. That would be tremendous!

Do you have a fetish for bbw feet? What is it that makes bbw feet so special to you? Are there any other kind of feet you really have the hots for? Tell me about your foot fetish fantasies in the comments!


Basics of BDSM Slave Contracts

What is a slave contract?

Simply put, a bdsm slave contract is a negotiated agreement detailing the boundaries and expectations of each party. Whenever you embark on a Mistress/slave relationship with me you’ll have an agreement like this. And because I like to keep things clear and consistent this agreement will probably exist in some written form even if it’s not obviously a “contract”.

Why have a slave contract?

Which brings me to the first very excellent reason reason for having a slave contract: clarity and consistency. It’s a lot easier for you to follow my commands if you know exactly what they are and having written guidelines certainly helps with this. Putting your duties as my slave in writing ensures that the orders I’ve given are clearly understood. It also ensures that you can refer back to my instructions for your slave training tasks if you ever forget something or just aren’t sure about what to do.

The process of negotiating what to include in our D/s agreement also gives me the opportunity to assess your skills, need & desires so that I can make the best use of you as my servant. Likewise it gives you the opportunity to learn about my expectations & methods, to determine for yourself whether you truly wish to submit to me as your Mistress. Going through this discovery process helps to make sure we both know what to expect from each other and are happy with those expectations.

As I said this agreement might be kept simply as notes somewhere, or even as a series of emails or text messages. But there’s also a LOT of erotic potential in the process of creating a proper slave contract. Talking about the hot, sexy things I’m going to do to you – and the sluttish, humiliating things you’re going to do for me – is obviously very exciting! Indeed, some submissives have a full-on fetish for making up slave contracts without necessarily having the desire or ability to follow through on them. Which is why many Dommes (myself included) charge for our time & effort in creating these documents.

What to put in a slave contract

The first thing that any D/s agreement must have is a statement regarding boundaries. This is essential to guaranteeing that everyone involved has consented to the things we do, even if they might look like abuse to an outsider. Before you do anything as Mistress & slave you should each know what the other’s limits are. For instance you wouldn’t want to find yourself tied up and about to be branded if ‘no permanent marks’ is one of your hard limits!

When I discuss boundaries with a new slave I generally ask him what his hard limits are now – and also what they were five years ago. Why do I do this? Because these limits do change over time. You may find something incredibly erotic now that you never thought you’d be interested in. You may also find that things you’ve fantasized about for years aren’t as much fun to actually do as you thought they’d be.

This is where the idea of “soft limits” vs “hard limits” comes in handy. Think of your hard limits as the places you absolutely do not want to go at the present time. Wheras your soft limits are areas that are turn-offs or maybe even kind of scary to you now, but that you might be willing to explore with the right person in the right circumstances.


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Another thing I always include in my slave training contracts are my expectations regarding communication. I’ll want to know (and I will want you to know) how often you’re expected to check in with me, and whether those contacts are coming by email, text message, phone call or whatever. Having this written down once again provides a clear & consistent structure for you to follow. It’s also useful for preventing anybody from getting too worried if they don’t hear from each other for a while. (Yes, I do actually care whether you’re still alive & kicking!  ;p )

A few words about your physical need (and desires) is another thing I like to include in my slave contracts. Things like whether you have diabetes or bad knees need to be taken into account when I’m deciding how I want to dominate, use & abuse you. And I’m sure you’d like me to know if for instance you crave daily spankings.

The precise details of our Mistress/slave contract will be unique to our relationship; no two submissives are exactly alike. If it’s warranted this topic might include lifestyle details about your diet and exercise. I might have goals for you that include losing (or gaining) weight or achieving some other physical objective such as taking progressively larger butt plugs.

My goals for you as my slave may or may not include changes to your diet, exercise, etc but I will certainly have goals of some sort. That’s kind of implicit in the word “training” right? A list of what these goals are – and the steps I expect you to take to reach them – is absolutely something you can expect to find in your slave contract with me. These will be the clear & consistent instructions which you’re expected to follow, and which you can refer back to at any time.

Enforcing your slave contract

It has been said that slavery is a commitment you make to yourself. This is very true; when you come right down to it you have to follow through on the promises expressed in our slave training contract. This is consensual slavery therefore I have no legal right to compel you to follow my orders.

Nor am I going to waste my time trying; that’s no fun at all for me and I have better things to do. I understand that shit happens and sometimes you’ll stumble. But if we’ve negotiated an agreement & you consistently fail to follow through I will simply drop you and move on to another slave. If you’re just jerking off to the idea of having a contract that’s fine & I can have a lot of fun talking about it with you. But never expect me to treat you like an obedient servant unless you’re acting like one!

That said, any good bdsm contract should include punishment protocols spelling out what will happen in the event the slave screws something up. Possible punishments might include anything from monetary fines and physical beatings to extra chores or extra humiliation. As I said before I expect you to at least try to follow my orders. But the flip side of that is that you can also expect me to be consistent; to maintain my standards and be ready to firmly discipline you when you fail to meet them. As a true slave you need this structure, and as MY slave you deserve to get it.

When, why & how to change your Mistress/slave contract

Your needs, desires, abilities & limits WILL change. A good slave contract needs to be adaptable and able to accommodate such changes. I like to write in to my contracts a re-negotiation deadline. Your slave training contract will “expire” on a set date; at that time it must be renegotiated and renewed. This doesn’t have to be complicated. Our contract can simply be tweaked to adapt to any changes and renewed with a later deadline. Unless of course writing the contract is part of the fun for you – it kind of is for me, lol! – in which case we can make it as big a deal as we want it to be.

I generally make my slave training contracts for 1 month to start. Then I’ll make the contract term longer with each renewal. (e.g. 3 months, then 6 months, then a year) It’s also a very good idea to write down what to do if the slave has an issue that can’t wait until the next contract deadline. I like to include this in my bdsm slave contracts as well. Slave contracts with very high levels of protocol, such as orders that the slave may not speak unless he is spoken to, might even include instructions for what he should do any time he needs to bring a problem to the attention of his Mistress.

Interested in having a slave contract of your own? I bet you are! Or else why would you be reading this? I have a few pre-written contracts for different positions (such as my sissy slave contract) which you can purchase and drool over. Then when you’re ready you may contact me to begin discussing YOUR slave training contract.  *wickedgrin*

Text message me via SextPanther


Call me on NiteFlirt

Femdom Choose Your Own Adventure Stories

Many of us remember the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books from our childhood. Now, for perhaps the first time ever, I have created Femdom choose your own adventure stories!

They work just like the books you remember: every choice you make will take you down a different path, and each path comes with its own rewards – and penalties.  And the entire thing is designed to royally fuck with your mind & body. *evilgrin*

Now let the story begin…


Femdom Fiction Fetish Porn  tease & denial silk bondage silk nipple torture forced fem forced crossdressing foot worship findom femdom holiday femdom dungeon cuckolding choose your own adventure CBT bondage ass worship

Femdom Fiction Fetish Porn  tease & denial silk bondage silk nipple torture forced fem forced crossdressing foot worship findom femdom holiday femdom dungeon cuckolding choose your own adventure CBT bondage ass worship

Be My Video Slave

Have you ever wanted to be in porn?

To play the submissive in one of my femdom fetish videos your age*, weight, gender etc does not matter but you must be respectful and reliable. I want subs who are enthusiastic & vocal in their responses and who are eager to try new things and push their own boundaries. I prefer video slaves with a higher pain tolerance but can work with more wussy boys in feminization and sissy videos.

At the present time I'm particularly interested in filming scenes involving:

  • Feminization & sissy training
  • Strapon worship & pegging
  • Foot & shoe fetish
  • Facesitting
  • Corporal punishment including hand spanking, paddling, cropping & caning
  • Ballbusting and other cbt


Video slaves may wear hoods or masks but will be required to sign model releases & show id for USC 2257 purposes.

You should also understand that it won’t be like a regular session where we'd both be focused on what’s happening between us. The play will stop & start frequently and I’ll be paying a lot of attention to tweaking camera angles and such. Your role, if you serve me well in this, will be to respond enthusiastically to whatever I’m doing to you.

I'm based in Tampa/St Petersburg, Florida but I travel often and am open to meeting filming slaves wherever I go. You can watch my blog or follow me on Twitter to keep up with my travel plans and filming schedule.


*You must of course be over age 18

Apply to be My Video Slave

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South Florida Femdom Tour

HOORAY! After months of delay, FINALLY I’m ready to hit the road again. 🙂

I’ll be heading south to Naples, Florida on April 9th & 10th, then over to Miami on the 11th & 12th. I’m very likely going to schedule stops in Tampa/St Pete and Orlando too. And who knows? I might even spend some time in Daytona, Jacksonville, Gainesville…I’m primed to stay on the road until my wanderlust is outweighed by homesickness, and that could take a while lol!

My birthday’s on April 11th so this is a pervy party trip in addition to pro domme business. I hope to spend as much time cavorting with other gorgeous Florida Femdom Goddesses I’ve been longing to meet as I spend indulging in kinky fetish play with my sunshine state submissives. And of course you know I’ll be shooting more kinky smut too.

If you want to guarantee I have time for a date with you, or you want to make sure I make a stop in your town, then get in touch with me NOW before my schedule is filled. (I’ll also entertain requests from South Florida submissives of any gender who’re interested in being video slaves for me.) Other dominant ladies who want to meet up for coffee, drinks, etc are also VERY welcome to contact me; I’d love to hook up with you!

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BBW Love Addiction

Feedback is already starting to come in for the special project I did this year in honor of Valentine’s Day. And what are they saying? Here’s one comment:

“I just bought and watched Your video…it’s one of the most intense and powerful things I’ve ever seen…”

It’s a deeply erotic, compellingly hypnotic mental programming video. I know you’re already addicted to me but after watching this – well, you might not ever be able to stop watching it, lol! You WILL be mesmerized, entranced, pulled into my web & put in your submissive happy place.

This video trailer is just a tiny taste; you can buy your copy of the full video at

Clips4Sale –

IWantClips –  or

NiteFlirt –


Silk & Satin Sensations

Remember a few weeks ago when I appeared on the ‘In Bed with Dr. Sue’ show to talk about my fetish for silk, fur & other luxury fabrics? Well if you wanted to listen again or (heaven forbid!) missed it the first time around you can find it here:


Are YOU a fan of silk, satin, and other sumptuous luxuries? CALL ME and let’s talk about it!